Bernese mountn dog lab mix puppies for sale

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Bernese mountn dog lab mix puppies for sale.

Our puppies come fully vaccinated, with a health guarantee, up to date with deworming and socialized.

All the puppies are tested for heart defects, eye defects and hips.

We have both females and males avlable.

Our prices start from 5800 €.

Our Bernese mountn dog lab mixes are not just for show.

They are very nice working dogs, that are also bred to be family pets.

We welcome to our farm visitors at all times of the year.

We are located in between Chambéry and La Ferté Snt Aubin, near the edge of the Parc Pèlerin mountn.

We can organize meetups of visitors from all over the world.

Our farm is a paradise for nature and for dogs.

In our large shelter we have a lot of room for visitors to play and socialize with our dogs.

We can make reservations for you to go in the park, and we have our own car that can go on dirt roads.

We have everything that you need to spend time and take a walk with your dog.

We are always happy to meet visitors and answer your questions.

Visit our website for more information on the Bernese mountn dog.

Bernese Mountn Dog Mixes are not just for show

Bernese Mountn dogs are small, quiet, powerful, gentle and affectionate dogs.

They are mostly used for herding livestock, and also are great companions.

Their great intelligence and sensitivity make them outstanding guide dogs, as they have an incredible ability to read human behavior.

They are very good with children, who get a lot of affection from them.

Bernese Mountn Dog Lab Mixes (Fédération Cynologique Internationale)

The Bernese Mountn dog originated in the Alps in the Bernese Oberland, and was developed by crossing a Spitz, Great Dane, and St. Bernard dog.

In 1903, the Bernese Mountn Dog Club (BMDC) was established by four German and Swiss dog fanciers.

Since then the purebred Bernese Mountn Dog has grown in popularity.

Today the Bernese mountn dog breed is recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

Bernese Mountn Dog (BMD) is one of the best breed for herding livestock.

Bernese Mountn Dog mixes make excellent family dogs and show dogs.

Mixed Bernese Mountn Dog puppies are healthy, healthy, loyal, and protective of their families.

We have been breeding Bernese Mountn Dog mixes since 2009 and we are happy to say that they are the happiest of all the dogs in our family.

In our farm you can find the perfect mix of the Bernese Mountn dog and all the other wonderful breeds that we have in our family.

We know how to breed with intelligence and we m to develop long lasting relationships between humans and dogs.

Your Bernese Mountn dog mix is going to be one of our family members for the rest of his or her life.

Our puppies are born in our breeding facility and we ensure a good, balanced, and healthy growth and we can offer you the best quality of all of our puppies.

We offer you the guarantee of the healthiest breeding dogs.

Our puppies are up to date on all the shots and worming and are ready for their new homes.

The majority of our mixed puppies are up for adoption, they get spoiled and petted at the pet shop, while you go out with friends and family, they are all at home with a loving and gentle family.

We know that you want to find a dog that will love you and take good care of you and we promise to do the best we can for you and your family.

Contact us today to find your Bernese Mountn Dog mix that will fit your lifestyle.

Dogs with Bernese Mountn dog mixes

We work to provide the best services and puppies for the Bernese Mountn Dog lovers. We have bred lots of dogs with the right characteristics that have helped us to become the number one place for breeding the most wonderful Bernese Mountn dog mixes.

We have bred over 350 Bernese Mountn dog mixes and we can offer you advice on how to choose a puppy with the best characteristics. We breed our dogs in a way that we think will result in the best quality puppies for our loving homes.

Puppies can be registered as part of the Bernese Mountn dog show, where they can show their owners the characteristics that they have learned and they can gn the titles of championship champion, champion in standard, winning best of breed, best in show, best in group, and best in standard.

Puppies that are bred to Bernese Mountn dog mixes are registered with the World Canine Federation (WCF) and when we say that we have the best mix we really mean it.

We have taken puppies from all over the UK, from the North to the South, and from Scotland to Cornwall and we have selected the dogs to show what a really Bernese Mountn dog mix is like. If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to ask any of the staff. We have some of the best information avlable and we will give you everything you need to make a great decision.

Our breeders

We are breeders who pride ourselves on providing a service that meets the needs of the people that we love. Every day when we go to work, we do so knowing that our families depend on us to find good quality puppies and to do everything that we can to find the best dog for each individual family.

We will go to any length to make this happen and we will not rest until we have a dog for everyone.

We will do everything that we can to find the best home for your puppy and to make sure that the home that we find is the right place for them to grow up.

Our puppy rearing facilities

We are proud to say that our puppies are rsed in clean modern facilities, which have been thoroughly vetted and inspected. Our rearing facilities are specifically designed to meet the needs of the puppies that we take in. These facilities are also the type that meet the requirements of the Bernese Mountn dog clubs in the UK, which is why we can show champion Bernese Mountn dog puppies all over the world.

Our puppies are carefully socialized from an early age and their socialization and trning is done in our puppies’ most comfortable surroundings. We will make sure that they are not exposed to any pn and suffering before we let them go.

How we are different

At Bernese Mountn Dogs we know the importance of being the best, we will always take pride in being the best, and our customers know this too.

Our customers trust us and we are proud of that fact.

When we are searching for a dog for someone, our customers know that we will take all the time needed to make sure that we have found the perfect dog for them.

When you choose Bernese Mountn Dogs to look after your dog, you can expect the best from us.

Every dog that we will show you has been thoroughly checked over, and they have been brought up in a place where they are surrounded by people that care about them.

We will always ensure that every dog that we find is healthy, socialized and will grow into a loyal companion.

Our puppies are the healthiest in the world and this is why we ensure that they are kept in a clean and comfortable environment.

Every day our puppy rsers work hard

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