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He had a wife, children, friends, a home. And while he had not forgotten the past, it had no influence on his present or his future. In the end, he was a man.

If you want to read the novel in English you can also do so on the internet at , or on your computer with a download of. English-language readers, however, may find it easier to read the English text on a screen than to hold a book in their hands, due to the nature of the translation. You may also find information on how to read the book in German at , a translation website dedicated to the novel.

The novel is dedicated to the author's father, the German poet Hermann Hesse, who was particularly fond of dogs. The English translations have been done by Anthony Boucher, Paul Bowles, and Max Hastings. The first English translations of all were made by John Gassner , whose translations of Hesse's novels are widely regarded as the most fthful and complete.

Translations of the novel include [1] and [2]. The film is avlable on DVD in the original language and English. You may find information about the film and the actors at the website for the movie, the Internet Movie Database [3]. An unabridged audiobook of the novel by the author is avlable from Audible [4]. There are several films based on the book, including a Soviet film, a British film, and the film of the musical group, Blutengel , who did the German soundtrack for the film.

Curious as to what the plot of the novel is? Or what you can expect to see? Below is a brief plot summary.

The novel tells the story of a boy growing up in Weimar Germany. He is the son of a German professor, who is an important man in a prominent German university. He is deeply immersed in Goethe, Schiller, and Hesse. The son, though, is a bad student and lazy, preferring to hang out with his girlfriend, the daughter of the university's president. His friends do not seem to respect the authority of his father, and they are very critical of him.

A boy that the professor is fond of, who was brought up in a very different household, is more serious and conscientious, though. This boy is the son of a priest. He is given the name Hermann Hesse by his father. He is, however, more interested in horses than in theology. The two boys first meet when they are teenagers, and they both go to the movies in a group. The young man, Hermann Hesse, tries to impress the young priest, and he asks him to go home with him, so that he can ask his father to give him permission to marry his girlfriend. The father agrees. The day before the wedding, the priest goes to visit his mother, because he thinks that he and Hermann are about to get married. He tells her everything, and she is very upset, because she believes that Hermann and his girlfriend are already married, since he has always called her his wife. So he is heartbroken.

The novel ends with the wedding. The father and Hermann's father, the professor, drink a toast to their two sons. There is one more important event before the wedding: at the beginning of the wedding, in front of the church, they get to know each other's faces. Both fathers are surprised by the similarity between their sons. At the end of the novel, Hermann writes his parents that he thinks that they made a great mistake by not letting him marry his girlfriend, and he is already planning to start a new family with his girlfriend.

The two Hesse boys are from the same home. They share the same home until the time that Hermann moves away to the university. The mn character is also very intelligent. He writes books on love, but is also a great reader. Hermann is his best friend, and even though he was not an admirer of his father, he was very attached to him, until he moved away to the university.

The mn character has feelings, and the mother does not know how to deal with them. She is a young woman, but she has children, and she has had many men in her life. She tries to keep her children away from men who do not belong to the family. She thinks that her children should be independent, and she is aware that if she does not protect them, they will end up in trouble. The mother had been in love many times, but she never got married. She had her children because she wanted them to be independent and not forced into marriage. She was not a good mother to them, because she was in love and wanted to save herself. She was never prepared for a life with one man. The mother had many boyfriends, but none of them were serious. She was afrd of getting pregnant.

In the novel, the mother is a very lonely woman who has had too many boyfriends. Her father left her mother when she was a child. This makes her very lonely and a little bit resentful. When Hermann leaves home for the university, the mother does not trust anyone but her only child, and she thinks that he will be the one to care for her. Hermann is very much like the father, and she is not very fond of him, but she knows that she cannot leave her child. The author used the mother as a very lonely and resentful character. In the novel, she did not want to get married because of her loneliness and fear. She was afrd of getting married, and she was afrd of getting pregnant. She is a little bit resentful toward Hermann, because she thinks that he will be the one to take care of her. She does not trust him, but she knows that she cannot leave her child and would not want to do that.

In the novel, Hermann is a very lonely young man who is a second generation German. He left his mother when he was a child, because she was not a good mother. Hermann loves his mother very much. When he finds a letter from his mother that he had not opened, he becomes emotional. Hermann sees his mother in his dream, and he knows that it is his mother, but he does not know how he can contact her. He tries to open the letter from his mother, but it is unreadable. The letter becomes more and more impossible to read. Hermann begins to cry and then he realizes that his mother is dead. This makes him very sad and afrd.

While Hermann is trying to get his mother's letter unread, he starts to work on his own. When he is finished with his novel, he does not know if he will have any success with it. His first novel is a success, but he has no idea that he will become famous. This is the beginning of Hermann's life in the novel.


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